The Glasgow Karate Academy was established in 2007 by Sensei Ben Fail 4h Dan.

Sensei Ben Fail 4th Dan - Chief Instructor

Sensei Fail began his training in 1997 at Cramlington Shotokan Karate Club, under the instruction of Sensei Stuart Davison & Sensei John Ledger, he obtained his Shodan (1st dan) in 2002. He then left Cramlington and began training at Ashington Shotokan Karate Club (now Northumberland Karate Academy) under the instruction of Sensei Ian Willis and Sensei Keith Burns.

Ashington Shotokan Karate Club (now 'Northumberland Karate Academy') is renowned for producing many champions of all ages in kumite, kata and team events at regional, national and world class level. The standard of training is exceptionally high and it was through the excellent tuition of Sensei Willis and Burns that Sensei Fail was selected for the England squad in 2004 & 2005 and obtained his Nidan (2nd Dan) in 2006.
Later in 2006 Ben moved to Glasgow and began the initiation of the Glasgow Karate Academy.

Sensei Fail pictured with Sensei Ian Willis 6th Dan - Chief Instructor to NKA
Sensei Fail pictured with Sensei Keith Burns 5th Dan - Chief Instructor to Kaizen Karate Club
Sensei Fail coaching Scotland at the 2015 European Championships in Crawley, England

  • 2007 Established the Glasgow Karate Academy.
  • 2007 Selected to represent KUGB Scotland at the European Shotokan Karate Championships in Portugal.
  • 2009 Obtained Sandan (3rd Dan). England kumite squad member.
  • 2012 Selected to represent KUGB England at the European Shotokan Karate Championships in Serbia.
  • 2013 Obtained Yondan (4th Dan).
  • 2015 Elected KUGB Scottish regional officer, national Kumite & Kata squad coach. Qualified as a KUGB instructor assessor.
  • 2016 The Glasgow Karate Academy affiliated to the Japan Karate Shoto Federation (JKS).
  • 2016 Selected onto the JKS Scotland Elite Squad.
  • 2016 Placed 3rd in the SKGB National Kumite Championships
  • 2017 Placed 3rd kumite in the Belfast North/South Open
  • 2017 Placed 2nd kumite in the WKF Swedish Open Championships
  • 2017 Placed 3rd kumite in the SKGB International Open Championships
  • 2017 Placed 2nd Kumite in the Wishaw Grand Prix
  • 2017 Fully Qualified SKGB Level 3 Coach
  • 2017 Placed 2nd Kumite in the JKS European Championships in Belgium



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Sensei Fail's main objective is to develop the Glasgow Karate Academy to a standard of excellence.


Sensei Paul Monigatti 2nd Dan - Senior GKA Instructor

Sensei Monigatti began his training in January 2010 with the Glasgow Karate Academy. Starting initially as a method for getting fit, it very quickly turned into a full-time passion.

Paul entered his first ever competition in the Inaugural GKA open championships, proudly taking bronze in the team kumite.

Now with a taste for competition, Paul was successfully selected onto the KUGB Scotland kumite squad and proudly represented Scotland at the 2012 Grand Slam in Chesterfield.

Paul gained his Instructors qualification in August 2012 at the KUGB Summer School in Lancaster.

Paul sat all of his grading examinations from 9th to 1st Kyu under Sensei Frank Brennan (7th Dan) and in March 2013 achieved his Shodan (1st Dan) under Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan).

In November 2012 Paul achieved the award of GKA 'Student of the Year' which he says is his proudest achievement to date.
Paul achieved his Nidan (2nd Dan) under Sensei Andy Sherry and Frank Brennan in 2016 and was a member of the KUGB Scottish National Squad, later training on the JKS Scotland National Squad.
Paul Monigatti's ambition is to develop his knowledge of Shotokan Karate within the GKA thus passing on all he has gained to the younger students.
"Spirit first, technique second."


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